I’ve Been a Bad Blogger

If you are one of my 68 followers. I let you down and I’m sorry.  I haven’t been showing up with words of hope, humor or humanity. Shame on me. Life got in the way and then there was the business of putting a roof over my head, (it’s leaking), and I had to get back to work that actually paid.  Honestly, I was also  running a little low on hope and humor.  If I had started a blog called Match.Bomb I’d have far more material to blog about.

Now I find myself submitting a book proposal for a book I wrote called, I’m Just Looking.   I’m told  the “platform” I don’t have is all a publisher wants to see, especially if you’re unknown author like me.  I’ve got no game. Yet.  I don’t have a website, fans or any followers except you. I hope you know I appreciate every word you read, and I promise to be a better blogger.

“I’m Just Looking” is a riches to rags memoir of redemption about a woman who loses everything that once mattered to her and finds new perspective and the real treasures in life.   After job loss and selling my home, I went to Paris to write, learn a language and take care of my sister’s dog. I went from a successful corporate career to being a dog walker and Paris pooper scooper.

The title of the book was born from necessity because, without the means to do anything but look, “I’m Just Looking” became the essential first words I learned to speak in French. Eventually, the title began to take on greater meaning.

Each chapter evolved into vignettes of  life lessons until “I’m Just Looking” became an analogy of the everyman search for happiness, purpose and meaning. The epiphany of my life occurred in Paris when I realized, after a lifetime of insatiable wanting, everything I ever needed, I already had. So do you.  Every one of us has what it takes to live a happy, fulfilling life. Even when the chips are down.  I might have been picking up dog doo, but I was doing so in Paris.

The book is written for anyone looking for meaning, inspiration, hope and a bit of humor.  It’s written for people who have lost their way or abandoned their dreams like I had. It’s a book written for people who may only know Paris and the other glamorous and glorious places in France through my words. It’s a book written from my heart to theirs.

This book, as I am certain is the case of many authors, has been a labor of love, sacrifice and struggle. I lived in a Costa Rican jungle to find the inspiration to start a blog.  People applauded my courage and questioned my sanity.  I survived bugs, thugs, 98 degree heat, 100 percent humidity.  The point is, do whatever it takes to follow your dreams, even if it means sweating in the jungle for a month, staring at the beady little eyes of geckos all around you.

We all have stories to share and lessons to learn. Ironically, my most painful ordeals have become my greatest blessings. I don’t recommend losing everything to find out what’s important.  I did that already to save you the trouble.  And I am going to share the humor and heartache.

I’m going to keep writing because it’s what I love to do, and I hope it inspires you to follow whatever passions you may have.

My book proposal is due on Christmas Eve.  I don’t believe in coincidences, but I do believe in miracles. Fingers crossed, prayers lifted, and hope and humor always.






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