If you are reading this – thank you.  I am honored and excited.  But this  blog and any insights or humor shared is for you.   You are the reason that  I am presently sweltering in a tiny beach town on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica.

I have 21 days of soul-searching ahead and I invite you to share this experience. I have no idea where it will lead, but I suspect to  something miraculous. That’s the way I choose to think.  I’ve been told thoughts are things and to choose the good ones.  Life is better this way.

This venture is a complete walk in faith and a courageous battle with my own fear- the great destroyer of all dreams and passions.  For years, an inner voice has beckoned for me to share words to add some levity and light to an increasingly crazy world. So here I am.

How did this happen?

Some years ago, life had some lessons to teach me -hard ones, painful in fact. It’s the best thing that ever happened to me.  All the things that defined and devoured me are destroyed. Thank God… and I do.   I’ve had  a chance to  live two lives in one lifetime and this second half is dedicated to making a difference.  I’ve devoured spiritual books by the truck loads and miracles have happened in my life. Real part-the -seas stuff that has led me on this journey to start a blog and to you.  The Universe or God (my name for the Divine Power that inspires my words), is pushing and prodding me to do something  that  I love. That urge you have?  It’s the voice of  Destiny and for God’s sake, listen to it.

If just one reader tells me that they found faith, hope or conquered his or her  fears to follow their own passion, mission accomplished.  If my words make you laugh or think or put a plan together to chase your own dream, then I have achieved mine.

Thanks to all my soul sisters- Mom, Meagan, Donna, Debbie, Margaret, Katherine, Bobbe, Kay, Meg, Lisa ( all 4 of you), Chantel, Victoria, Kristen and Erin for loving me and believing in me. Thanks to William and all the great men in my life who believe in this work.  We’ve got work to do ladies and gentlemen.  There are  more people we must lift up to their potential and passion to make this world a better place.  Let’s just do it, shall we?

I’m starting here in a tiny Costa Rican beach town, hoping to start a ripple that will cross many seas and affect millions of hearts. That’s my dream come true. What’s yours?